Using google maps i have created a summary of all the picture taken with my olloclip lens around the world, check it out!

If you want to help me on my project send me an email on dc[AT] with a picture  of the most important monuments in your city that is not covered on the map and tell me some important information like : city name, region, monument name. ;) 

Your name will be published near the picture and on the photo book  "world in a lens" that will be printed when world will be all photographed !

The picture has to  be taken like i do in all my picture, using the hands , a mobile phone ( i use an iphone) , and an olloclip!

Have a look at the list of the photographer that sent me a picture! 

Azzurra Aloisi , Giorgio Micolitti,  Francesco Mordacchini,  Fabio Buscemi, Luca Busani, Sabrina Quartieri e Luca Fioretti , Michele Berardi e Federica Troili , Valentina Sticca ,  Irene Andreini , Mattia Fiorentin , Cristiana Suffredini  , Matteo Moretti , Rebecca Roviglioni , Paolo di Loreto , Silvia Bacigalupo, Erika Cipettini, Andrea Cappucci, Chiara Frassinelli, Salvatore Ciancialosi

ps: the money from the adv on this page will be used for the charity project, not for my personal usage. thank you for your support!

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World in a lens

Untitled photo